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And tonight, the role of Hanschen will be played by Tom Felton.
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So, everyone knows that I'm a big Michael Shanks...let me rephrase. That I'm a big Stargate fan. While I was happening to read Joseph Mallozzi's blog, I came on an entry that included a reference to one of Michael Shanks' new projects, 'Saving Hope'. It is, apparently, a medical drama with slightly supernatural aspects where Shanks is playing a doctor in a coma in his own hospital and walking around in spirit form. Erica Durance (you might know her from Smallville) is playing his wife.

This starts in the summer. I'm not sure how I feel about that except that summer shows on cable, like Burn Notice, tend to do pretty well. I'm hopeful. I'd love to see Shanks in another series.
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I haven't had time to do it mostly because I suck at meme's and haven't had time for anything right now (stupid papers).

I do want to say that I love all of you even if I don't always say it. You guys always make my day better. Especially when I get things like this right when I need a little cheering up. You guys rock. Seriously.
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I am riding an adrenaline-fueled high that I'm not coming down from ANY time soon. It's kind of awesome.
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My dork moment of the day:

I don't feel like writing an essay, so instead, I'm writing an epic. Based on Dante from Devil May Cry. I love my life.
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Remember all that bitching and moaning about the Honors application last month? Well, there were good results. I got in!!

That is all.
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So. There's this podcast, Slice of Scifi. I love it. I keep getting lots of interesting shows/books/movies to look for. Plus interviews. It's cool.

And then I find gems like this.

Most people know that Jurassic Park was based off of real findings from Raul Cano, who's been searching amber for DNA. Well, he's found more than that. He's found 45 million year old yeast. Not very exciting you say? Wait until you hear that he's decided to expand his repertoire from just journal articles and research.

He's created a beer business. Made from the 4 million year old yeast.

Don't believe me? Check out the Cal Poly news article about the debut of his new beer.

I kid you not.
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Go there. Really. You want to. It's hilarious.
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Fine. I see why all the ranting and raving about Big Bang Theory.

*Mutters under her breath*

I suppose now I have to wait for the next season.

Oh, and Leonard and Penny are adorable.

And I love the Roseanne characters that keep showing up.


I hate you all.
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So. I'm a horrible fangirl. Or at least a good fangirl who promised to go with someone who delayed going until forever. BUT!

But, I am finally going to see The Dark Knight. In about an hour. *Waves* See you on the flip side.
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So. God bless being up until way late and reading through my flist.

'Celtic Blues - The Event', an intimate fan event, is limited to just 150 seated tickets and is being held at gothic-style former church and live music venue The Point in the heart of Cardiff Bay. James will be joined by Torchwood actor Gareth David Lloyd, who plays Ianto Jones in the hit BBC series, and a further guest (to be announced).

In the evening James will be appearing on stage in the 'Celtic Blues Concert', also to be held at The Point, to mark the European launch of his new album. Also featured are Gareth David Lloyd and his Blues Band as support.

From here

"Also featured are Gareth David Lloyd and his Blues Band as support." What I want to know is whose Blues Band are we talking about? Gareth's or James'?
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Okay. Look at the below. What's not immediately obvious is where it's pointing to, so look at the right. At the poll.

....seriously, I love Atlantis fandom, sometimes.


Just â” just click on the thumbnail.

The only Photoshopping that was done was commentary. Youâ™ll see what I mean when you see it.


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...can I say that I really, really want this drive? Seriously. It would take even me a while to fill it up.

Also, I'm having fun with this clipmarks thing.
clipped from
Samsung's 1-terabyte F1 drive

Samsung's new F1 Series drive combines three 334MB platters to reach its 1TB capacity. It uses a Serial ATA (SATA) interface with 3Gbps transfer speeds, spins at 7200 revolutions per minute (rpm), includes 32MB of cache and costs about $399. The drives are geared for video recorders, desktop PCs and external storage systems.

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So, the below is funny for anyone who has watched Jonas Quinn from Stargate. Or, for that matter, Parker from Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

And the next below is...well...Sanctuary. It is online, people. You should be watching. Please visit the Sanctuary home page.

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Though, technically, it's not night anymore if I've actually gotten sleep. Damn drugs. Anyway, so this is what I get for listening to Kat's ramblings about Stargate and my own curiosity about when Methos shows up in the show. I get late night trolling through Gateworld. When I see this.

(Insert link of much awesomeness and squee)

In short, Christopher Judge as writer/star and Michael Shanks as co-star. Brad Turner from previous SG episodes and 24 as director. All in a thing called Rage of Angels. How are the people behind SG so awesome?

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