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Kon will apparently be:

  • Waking up with Xander

  • Waking up on a raft by the waterfall

  • In a leotard, stockings, and stilettos

  • Near a riding crop>

  • Glad he's forgotten he attempted to flush himself down the toilet, "to save Rapture."

This is his official plotting post. Do you have ideas on how he got like that? Do you want a thread with him while he's 'intoxicated'. Do you want a thread the morning after? This is an "I want your threads" post.
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So, for the people who may or may not know, I'm a Library Science student in my second semester. One of my classes involves information in the digital age and culture. To study this, of course, we have to define what 'information' is. Is it a tangible thing or some concept? In this essay by Michael Buckland, I've come across a quote that disturbs me greatly not for any ideas it puts across, but for its progression of examples.

"Firstly, it leaves unanswered the question of what to call other informative things, such as fossils, footprints, and screams of terror."

...screams of TERROR. IDEK.
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I HAVE A COMPUTER! And I have lack of sleep because I need to finish Gulliver's Travels. Whoops?

So: Random coincidence of the day. When I went to the bus, I ended up talking to this girl from my Linguistics class. She's pretty recognizable because of her blue hair and I see her pretty much every time I go to the bus. I end up finding out that I'm not the only non-youngster in the class (25, wow, old) and that she's in the English Honors college, too. Now comes the funny part.

Once I get my computer up and running, I open my e-mail and let it download the gazillion e-mails that have been waiting for me. One of them is a friends request for Facebook from 'Jenny'. Huh, I think. Do I know a Jenny? I click on it and lo and behold, it's the girl I talked to on the bus. And even weirder? Her birthday? 6/19. For those of you who don't know? That's my birthday.

Cue the Twilight Zone theme.
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This is what I get for not watching the Superbowl...

Tucsonans watching the Super Bowl got more action than they bargained for when a short clip from an adult movie channel interrupted Comcast's feed with full male nudity during the final moments of the game.

- Arizona Daily Star
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Anyone who still sees an away message after noon Arizona time is welcome to beat me about the head and shoulders. Or something.
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I can't sleep. And this isn't to say that I spend three days awake like [ profile] frogmajick, because I don't. But I'm trying to adjust my schedule earlier so that I can get up by 7am or earlier next week and it's just not working.

I go to bed early, I just stay awake. I go for a walk and it exhausts me, but I still can't sleep. I am trying not to take a sleeping pill because I hate pills, but that might be my only other option unless someone out there has suggestions for getting me to go to sleep earlier.
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You know what I never knew about myself? I have a lisp. I'm listening to the lecture from my last Lit class, in order to finish studying, and I'm hearing myself and I have a noticeable (to me, at least) lisp.


Who would have guessed?
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Well done. Really. Well done.

I crawl out of bed much too early for my tastes and drive across town only to find out that my teacher has canceled classes. All week.

So, this means I don't have to go in on Wednesday if I don't want to. At least that's a plus, right?
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I have a demon bee following me.  DEMON.  BEE.
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God, I love my psychology book, sometimes. Even when I'm bored by the material.

"If a body part is amputated, sensory fibers that terminate on adjacent areas of the sensory cortex may invade the brain tissue that's no longer receiving sensory input."..."Note, too, that the toes region [of sensory nerves] is adjacent to the genitals. So what do you suppose was the sexual intercourse experience of another Ramachandran patient whose lower leg had been amputated? 'I actually experience my orgasm in my foot. And there it's much bigger than it used to be because it's no longer just confined to my genitals."

I think my line for the day is: I kid you not.
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So. There's this podcast, Slice of Scifi. I love it. I keep getting lots of interesting shows/books/movies to look for. Plus interviews. It's cool.

And then I find gems like this.

Most people know that Jurassic Park was based off of real findings from Raul Cano, who's been searching amber for DNA. Well, he's found more than that. He's found 45 million year old yeast. Not very exciting you say? Wait until you hear that he's decided to expand his repertoire from just journal articles and research.

He's created a beer business. Made from the 4 million year old yeast.

Don't believe me? Check out the Cal Poly news article about the debut of his new beer.

I kid you not.
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Lucky Spencer playing John Connor's father in Sarah Connor Chronicles.

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This is for [ profile] hikaru and [ profile] unholynotions. words. Except it's better than the last time I heard him sing.
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Apparently, my Psychology book has a sense of humor.

"They engage in interdisciplinary studies, such as psychohistory (the psychological analysis of historical characters), psycholinguistics (the study of language and thinking), and psychoceramics (the study of crackpots). 1

1 - Confession time: I wrote the last part of this sentence on April Fools' Day.
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"well, if Hello Kitty has a dildo...."


That's all.
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Why in the hell am I awake? My sleep schedule for most of the summer has be up until after sunrise. Nothing new there. I'm a night owl. But then, about a week ago, I think my body kicked over into 'school' mode, so it swapped, making me exhausted by about 7 and waking me up at 5am. Evil, but doable.

Tonight, I was up until a somewhat more reasonable hour of 10pm, sadly missing [ profile] frogmajick come back from the store. And now? I am up at 2:30am.

What. The. Fuck.

In other news, my computer might have a problem with its fan. [ profile] bugly42 and I have the same computer, but when I play Diablo 2 (or any game), the system gets really hot. I figured that the computer was just working overtime and that it was normal. Not so. [ profile] bugly42's machine is significantly cooler than mine is, even when she's been playing the game longer.

Time for a call in to tech support tomorrow. Today. Whatever.

And now I attempt to go back to sleep.

ETA: And then I was woken up at 4:30 because I forgot to do the trash. And [ profile] bugly42 hadn't done her half. What a great way to start the day. Of course, I didn't wake up for another hour after that, but...
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So. To those of you who think that a desert is dry? Or who wonder why I bitch about walking across the street during the beginning of Fall semester? Check out this video from last night's storm.


Jun. 28th, 2008 04:53 pm
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Proof that anything can be miniaturized: Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS.

Guitar Hero: On Tour continues to build on the franchise's signature easy-to-play, yet difficult to master addictive gameplay, and now lets players take their experience on the road wherever they go. Players use the Guitar Hero pick-stylus on the touch screen to strum their favorite tunes and create their rock 'n' roll legacy in career mode. Fans can also join together to play co-op mode using a local wireless network, or battle each other in a Guitar Duel using new Battle Items unique to the DS platform.
(From: Gamefaqs)

...why? Just...why?
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Every other time I go to do laundry, it's fine. EVERY. OTHER. TIME.

Now that I have a trip tomorrow?

It's taking three hours per load of laundry in the dryer. I'm going to cry.

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