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Last night I had a dream. Yes, this is actually kind of surprising as I only tend to have dreams in clusters every few months. I actually dreamed that I was taking my Honors Seminar final and not only did I forget to bring the PDF's with me for everyone, I completely freaked out when it comes to timing when I'm going to change what I'm writing in order to do something else.

In short, I'm worried about the final and it's in a week and a day.

Also, I'm not sold on my glasses. I'm going to give myself an hour to try to get adjusted to them (as I just woke up), but if they're going to give me a headache and annoy me, I'm going to have to go back to my original glasses. Just for another week.

I know I've been a bit of a bitch the last few weeks and I apologize to pretty much everyone. All I can say is that it'll be over soon, for better or worse.
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So. [ profile] hikaru and [ profile] pirate_duck, I swear to god you were just in my dream. That's not as fun as it sounds.

What most of you don't know is that the last time I was in school, I was getting A's and D's and F's. Nothing really in between. And much more of the latter than the former. So I decided to take a semester off. In the middle of the year. I moved off campus and apparently never checked out of the dorm. Of course, I ended up screwing that up again, but that's not the point.

The dream I just had was at a dorm (and I swear that the entrance to the dorm was a roller coaster). My roommate was [ profile] pirate_duck and my next door neighbor was [ profile] hikaru. Things were fine for a little while, but I ended up moving without notice or taking my things out of the dorm. Eventually I needed to come back to pick up a textbook (Physics, I think, or some science).

I met up with some evil person who had turned an entire floor into some kind of hell-ish place. I got her support and her henchman followed up upstairs. They took [ profile] pirate_duck to talk and I stuck my head in to [ profile] hikaru's room, but she shunned me. The door literally closed in my face even though she wasn't near it. Once [ profile] pirate_duck came back, she was mostly fine and reminded me that I had to remember to check out of the dorms first. That was the point where I sat down, head in hands, and started crying.

Fuck, I hate dreams like that.
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Weird one, too. Pretty vivid. Especially since I normally don't remember my dreams.

I was an actress. I worked on some WB show (I can't remember which one...I know I've never really watched it in real life). Actually, I gave my "references" to the bouncer outside and it's the WB show and some movie or something. I was trying to talk to people and they kept ignoring me. I specifically remember trying to talk to Charisma Carpenter and she just flat out treated me like I wasn't there.

David Boreanaz comes along. He's trying to get through this crowd, but they're all dancing. He grabs me and we waltz through the crowd. He takes my hand and kisses it. I curtsy. His friend does the same. I think I should recognize his friend, but I don't remember who it was.

I leave the party and, somewhere down the road, I see a line of rope and people trying to stop cars from leaving the party. We try to stop a couple of cars, but no one manages to stop for more than a moment. They don't want to hear what I have to say.

Then I keep flashing back to David, on the phone. It seems like he's remotely driving the car from somewhere else. (:Shrug:)

By the time the car gets to where I am, I've moved a car into the middle of the road and have climbed on it. When I see the car, I've started yelling. The person driving doesn't hear me (like I said, because it seems like he's not really in the car) and crashes into the car I'm standing on.

Later, I'm in the hospital and some doctor is asking I don't pursue something. I have a bunch of medical reports in my hands. Apparently, there were people that had crashed the party. Friends of mine, I suppose. And they'd all been raped and possibly murdered. Then David shows up with a couple of my friends and I give him a hug, touched that he would show up. I don't know yet that he's the one that crashed into the car.
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Proof that, when I remember my dreams, they're really messed up:

Ben (yes, the Ben we know, Scott and John) asked if I wanted to come down to Phoenix for something. I realized I couldn't go because of the short notice and work. My grandmother (who died many years ago) and I went to a McDonald's, having something to do with the event. I stop to get a Big Mac meal and she's disappeared. I go outside and see her car (which looks like my friend's car) leaving the parking lot. I start walking and ask someone to get home (used Highland Mesa address). He looked odd, but I don't remember how. First, he said that his car was too far away, but I said I only wanted directions. He gave them to me, and I started walking. When I got to the place I was supposed to turn, a little girl grabbed something black from my bag (of clothes, I think). I go back to retrieve it and we have words. I turn around and see some sort of flowers/garden. Vividly in color, I remember that. That's when I say that I wish I could write in dreams and I wake up.

Really weird for a girl who can almost never remember her dreams.

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