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So, everyone knows that I'm a big Michael Shanks...let me rephrase. That I'm a big Stargate fan. While I was happening to read Joseph Mallozzi's blog, I came on an entry that included a reference to one of Michael Shanks' new projects, 'Saving Hope'. It is, apparently, a medical drama with slightly supernatural aspects where Shanks is playing a doctor in a coma in his own hospital and walking around in spirit form. Erica Durance (you might know her from Smallville) is playing his wife.

This starts in the summer. I'm not sure how I feel about that except that summer shows on cable, like Burn Notice, tend to do pretty well. I'm hopeful. I'd love to see Shanks in another series.
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God. So. My day, beginning with when I got home last night.

I never ended up doing my Writing assignment, so I attempted to get it done. Almost as soon as I was done eating, [ profile] dutchesschaotic and [ profile] frogmajick pounced me and demanded I watch 200 with them. Not that I objected at all. In fact, I retrashed my room in order to find the disk it was on.

It was great. Of course it was great. It would have been better if I were there for the first time [ profile] dutchesschaotic watched it - *glare* - but it was as perfect as always.

Then I believe [ profile] frogmajick had to go away to deal with kidlet issues, so I attempted to write while I watched Memento Mori. Val. C'mon. It's a gimme. (*Needs more Stargate icons*)

She ended up coming back and we watched it AGAIN. We talked a little more while I tried to write, but I had a headache and ended up falling asleep on her for about an hour. I had about 200 words written.

I set my alarm for about 6:30 and woke up at 7. When I went to go check how many copies (1 for each student in the class) I needed, I noticed that the assignment wasn't generalized talking to an audience. It was specific to a class or group of professionals. So, scrap the 200 words I already had. I needed at least 500 new ones.

I scrambled, I wrote, and I don't know how, but an hour later later, I had 830-something words and I actually had to trim about 90 words from my story. God I love adrenaline-fueled writing binges. Of course, now I'm paying for it and am horribly exhausted. I need more sleep. Maybe nap when I get home?

After I talk to [ profile] bugly42's parents.

SG Meme...

Mar. 22nd, 2008 05:19 pm
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Grabbed from [personal profile] darkbunnyrabbit, an SG meme beneath the cut.  [profile] dutchesschaotic, I expect you to fill this out, although I do warn you that there are spoilers in my answers.

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Okay. Look at the below. What's not immediately obvious is where it's pointing to, so look at the right. At the poll.

....seriously, I love Atlantis fandom, sometimes.


Just â” just click on the thumbnail.

The only Photoshopping that was done was commentary. Youâ™ll see what I mean when you see it.


 blog it
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So, the below is funny for anyone who has watched Jonas Quinn from Stargate. Or, for that matter, Parker from Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

And the next below is...well...Sanctuary. It is online, people. You should be watching. Please visit the Sanctuary home page.

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Wow. Two posts within a week. I think it's a new record. Anyway, for those of you that watch Stargate: Atlantis (and if you don't, you should), you probably have heard about the Atlantis rap, and how the artist got his guest spot, and how Hewlett (love the Hewlett) responded.

Well, now it's a feature on a G4 television show called Attack of the Show. Which airs tonight at 7pm EST. So, set your recorders, people. I know I will.
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Though, technically, it's not night anymore if I've actually gotten sleep. Damn drugs. Anyway, so this is what I get for listening to Kat's ramblings about Stargate and my own curiosity about when Methos shows up in the show. I get late night trolling through Gateworld. When I see this.

(Insert link of much awesomeness and squee)

In short, Christopher Judge as writer/star and Michael Shanks as co-star. Brad Turner from previous SG episodes and 24 as director. All in a thing called Rage of Angels. How are the people behind SG so awesome?

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