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Why not. It's the end of the semester and I could use some cheer. I'm right here at the love meme.
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There are days when school can stress you out. Oh, who am I kidding. There are entire semesters when school can stress you out. But today was one of the ones that had me neurotic for about two hours.

There are also days when the wrong person says the wrong thing and you snap. As someone has said tonight, I never snap. I did tonight.

Then there are people who just make the day better.

[ profile] dreamsofstars, [ profile] pureyaoi, [ profile] nystana, and [ profile] frogmajick, you have made my bad day into something bearable. I love you guys.

*Uses the icon just for [ profile] frogmajick*
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Snaps Cup Meme!

There is nothing like an unexpected meme like this to cheer your day.
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Got an A in Linguistics by the skin of my teeth. Next up, food and home and studying for...something. <.
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So, I'm not entirely sure how I did on the matching quotes section. Those suck. I think I did okay on the essay. This fills me with hope. Now I have a meeting to get to in two hours and then I can relax (or throw up, depending).
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You know. I love when I think I do horribly on English tests and actually get good grades? I thought I did horribly on both tests. I got an 85 on the worst one and a 99 on the other. Needless to say, this makes me feel much better for the rest of the semester.

Now I just need to do the Honors application. Oh, and pick my grade up in Psychology.
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I have classes. One of the classes isn't the one I'm looking for, but I have classes.

Thank GOD. Seriously. I thought I'd never get them. Now I just have to get someone to drop the class I want and we're all set. *Glares at the students registered and wonders if that does any good*
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Maybe I won't have to go smash heads. I received this e-mail from Paul Miller, the guy in charge of the transfer students at the University.

Student Link will not display your Priority Registration information until you are a registered student at the UA. Currently the system only sees you as admitted, but not enrolled; and only enrolled students can see the aforementioned information. I currently see nothing that will keep you from registering as a Junior.
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I'm even more of an idiot. I had the book here at home the entire time. And, as I said before, the test wasn't due until today. Not only that, I got my U of A acceptance letter. So really, the only thing that's wrong is my tooth and that's been wrong for a while.

It's just one of those days.
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He's up. Walking around. Talking.


Time for bed.
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So. I am beyond thrilled. I just got back two of my tests. One for Humanities and one for Pre-calc. Both were A's. The math I was expecting. His quizzes are usually harder than the tests and I usually do find on the quizzes. It was the Humanities, with its essay that I was really worrying about. I'd thought that I didn't have enough time to get in a really good essay and I'd especially thought that I'd rushed the last two paragraphs because I was running out of time. Turns out that he thought differently.

This completely makes up for the last few days. The only test I need to get back now is the Physics test and I'm sure I did fine. Not to mention the fact that he's not likely to give us the tests back for another couple of weeks. Yes. You heard right. He actually didn't get us the last tests back before the next test was scheduled. One of the reasons that I'm sure he shoved back the test.

This day has been much better than I'd thought it was going to be. And now I'm off back to catch the bus.


Feb. 21st, 2003 09:29 pm
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So, I had my first good cry in a long time in the Cowden computer lab. I have never had anyone belittle me like Kris did. In all my years of teasing, no one got to me like he did. I've trusted all of my friends not to betray me like he did. I've trusted them not to hurt me, as only they could. And now, I'm not sure, except for three of them, who I can trust. Because I thought that Kris would always be there and wouldn't do something like that. And I'm wrong. And now I'm going to be paranoid every single time I'm around people that aren't Tina, Angela, or George.

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