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Soooo. I completely forgot to throw Kon into the plot. Blame Final Fantasy XIII-2. Is there anyone who forgot to put a pup in who wants to pair off (not like that. ...although...) with Kon?
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I just recognized something about the creative thesis that I hadn't thought of while I was writing it. At least, I hadn't recognized it completely. I was writing about the control of information. He pointed that out and I had some ideas that I didn't really have time to add, but it didn't really hit me until I was reading some homework for the class that hasn't started yet.

"Should one focus on canons and traditions, or strive for diversity? Should archivists collect documents as amply as possible, or organize what they hold so that it will be more usable; for example, through digitization, which makes some collections accessible through computers?"

The Librarian character - and oddly, I didn't connect his character with the degree I'm going for next until now, either - was hoarding information instead of letting it be freely available. In short, he was creating a collection with a viewership of one. Two, if you count his assistant. Funny the things you think of after you turn in the assignment.
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The following is from my Honors Lit Theory class:

"The perspective of the aesthetics of reception mediates between passive reception and active understanding, experience formative of norms, and new production. If the history of literature is viewed in this way within the horizon of a dialogue between work and audience that forms a continuity, the opposition between its aesthetic and its historical aspects is also continually mediated. Thus the thread from the past appearance to the present experience of literature, which historicism had cut, is tied back together.

...remind me why I'm an English major? *Tries to wade through twenty pages of this*

There will be SotP when I'm in class.
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Wish me good luck. I'll need all I can get.
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I'm even more of an idiot. I had the book here at home the entire time. And, as I said before, the test wasn't due until today. Not only that, I got my U of A acceptance letter. So really, the only thing that's wrong is my tooth and that's been wrong for a while.

It's just one of those days.
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So, I broke my laptop. I know, I know, I've only had it for, what? A month? Two? But I accidentally dropped it and it killed the hinge for the monitor. Every time I opens it, it gets a little worse. Why couldn't it have waited another week or two to break? I could live without it for Spring Break. I mean, I do have the desktop.

If I can't have it tomorrow for Anthropology, I am going to kill something, I swear. At least Bug'll be able to download Torchwood.

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