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The ways this day sucks:

1. I got maybe five hours of sleep, all told. Maybe less. I'd have to ask Christina.
2. I woke up and another small piece of my tooth - which has been slowly falling apart and which I'm unable to fix due to lack of insurance - is gone. I don't want to know how much fixing it is going to cost.
3. I brought my lit book to school with me. And then promptly left it at the bus stop. Of course, when I realized this and went back to grab it, it was nowhere to be found.
4. I had a nagging feeling when I got to school. You know the above mentioned lit book? I have a paper due in class today. Which I completely forgot about.

And I haven't even been awake three hours, yet. Dear god, kill me.

ETA: I'm an idiot and I can't tell the dates. It wasn't due until Thursday. And today she knocked it back even further. I'm going to take the later bus back, get food, and buy the book. If I don't hear back in two days, then I'll have bought the book for real. Oh well. And I think I might have a lead on dental insurance until I go through the school.
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So. Here's the story. I am poor and have about $150 in my bank account. When financial aid time came around, I grabbed the Pell grant and a Perkins loan. The grant's easy enough, but annoying. Disbursement is the week before class for part of the first semester's money and then a month later for the remaining. Normally, this would be only mildly annoying, but since I'm broke, the money I get that isn't paying for classes from the grant won't be enough for books.

At this point, most people would say use the loan money, right? Only problem was that I never got any of the information that I needed to sign for the loan. Not the questionnaire and not the promissory note. Fine, so I go down before [ profile] bugly42 leaves town. I can fill out the questionnaire (having to get contact information from [ profile] lheena) and the entrance form, but they don't have the promissory note available and it's not likely to get to me before Monday.

At this point, I'm about ready to kill anything and everything Financial Aid related.

Finally, I check the mail today and there's the promissory note, along with the questionnaire that I've already filled out. I might get my money before classes next week. Cross your fingers for me.

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