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Tagging Hiatus:

This is for all of my games. I know I've be le suck lately. Finals are coming up and I've been having to work on my creative thesis. This means that I'm not going to be tagging.

For TR this means that while I will be tagging my pups in to the party later today, I won't be making the rounds or tagging back anyone until tomorrow.
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*Cling* We have been without internet for about the last 36 hours. I don't know how I went through an entire week without internet when I went to Disney. I suppose I just came home too exhausted.

I realize that I missed most of the planning for the truth or dare thread, but does anyone want Kon to ask them? I...have absolutely no idea what to ask, but I'd be willing to give it a shot.
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So, first of all, I wake up and it's REALLY hot in here. Apparently our AC isn't working properly. It should be 70-something and it's 80-something instead. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, but it's monsoon season, which means humid heat.

Second, and this is the doozy, I got my mail this morning and found that I had a notice from the fraud protection service I've been using. It came through my bank and I got it for the credit report and decided to keep it in case any old debts came back to haunt me. This actually ended up happening, which makes me glad I got it. What makes me doubly glad is that when I opened the letter today, it said I have a past due account from Citi Cards. I've only ever had four credit cards and none of them were Citi.

Trying to get through their phone system was annoying. First they needed an account number and wouldn't do a 'dial 0 and get the operator'. I kept trying to track down another number and got zip. The 800 number for the fraud protection service was down because of the holidays, which meant that I couldn't get an account number from them.

Finally, I tried a few other tricks that I learned from my telemarketing days. Double 0 or # usually work. A single # brought me to touch-only service and a second # brought me to a customer service rep. I go through the 'I don't have an account here' and she goes 'yes, you do' and I give her my SSN and sure enough, she brings up an account. Then she asks for confirmation with my mother's maiden name. And here we get to the snag: it wasn't my mom's name. V-something. They wouldn't give me the complete name.

So I get sent through to the fraud department, only the transfer gets screwed up and I get disconnected and have to call back. Another hassle. This time, they tell me that while there is an account, it's not under my name.

Cue HUGE sigh of relief.

It means that I can dispute with the credit agencies just fine and all it'll take is time.
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Let's set the scene.

Friday, I had class, grabbed a coffee, and went to study and do tags. I grabbed BK and about three minutes in, my stomach decided to be majorly unhappy with me. To the point where I didn't think I'd be able to ride the entire way home, let alone bike home from the bus.

So I asked for a ride.

Sunday afternoon, I come back to campus to have an appointment with my partner for an oral Linguistics report. Things go fine, I go back to study for a few hours, and leave twenty minutes before the bus is supposed to show. It gives me time to stop, grab a soda, and grab my bike.

Except there is no bike.

I have a routine and sometimes I mix it up, so I look in the three or four spots I normally park it. Nothing. I look again and then a third time. Absolutely nothing.

This is the point I call the police.

So, as far as I know, my bike's been stolen. I'm going to look tomorrow again every since conceivable spot that I could have parked it, just to make sure that I didn't try a shortcut, but I'm pretty sure I parked it where I always do, which means it's gone.

Then (oh, did you think that was the only thing to happen, silly person?) [ profile] bugly42's parents take me out to this amazing Italian restaurant to cheer me up. The food is always great and I order what I always get: spaghettini with baby clams in red sauce. It takes about fifteen minutes to get our salads and there are onions on them. Rob (the dad) is allergic to onions and the salads go back. Then Sherry (the mom) finds an onion in her salad and it goes back. The third time her salad comes back, it has blue cheese instead of ranch.

The manager comes over and, while he's talking, Rob realizes that while he didn't taste the onion, he must have had some. Did I mention he's violently allergic? No, he doesn't die or have to go to the hospital, but that's only because he caught it before he could have any more.

Really, this weekend can just end right now.
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A C for my midterm. I can live with that. Not happily, but I can live.
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Not horrible. I'm about halfway through the paper and I already know that it needs a hell of a lot of revising. At least it's a start. At the moment, I'm BSing my point and I'll tie in outside sources and cut out extraneous information.
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803 / 1,800
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In three and a half days (88 hours and 7 minutes, to be exact) I have a 7-page analytical essay to turn in for a class that I haven't done the reading on. Why haven't I done the reading? Because there's been tons of reading for everything else and I've wanted to keep up where I had things like quizzes or midterms. It's only analytical theory, right? Hah. Right. I'm going to be doing tons of internet research over the next day.

Consider this my 'I'm going to be stressed the next few days' notice.

I'm still going to be around and chatting and RPing, but I refuse to do the entire essay on Monday night. So, because of that, I'm going to remind myself just how much I have left to write.

Zokutou word meter
0 / 1,800

Wish me luck.
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So, I'm officially not going to have a computer until at least Tuesday, but more likely Wednesday. And that's providing that the parts they're sending are actually the parts that are broken. At the moment, I'm thinking that it's the motherboard. One of the last times we managed to get it to boot at all, there were graphical artifacts that were screwing up the screen.

That's what they told me was one of the potential symptoms of a dead motherboard. You know, the last time we got this replaced. What was it, a month ago?

So, for the time being, I'm only going to be at a computer when I can steal my desktop back or when I'm at school in between classes.


This makes me wish that I'd never lent out my desktop. I could just set it up in the sewing room and everything would be good.
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I can't sleep. And this isn't to say that I spend three days awake like [ profile] frogmajick, because I don't. But I'm trying to adjust my schedule earlier so that I can get up by 7am or earlier next week and it's just not working.

I go to bed early, I just stay awake. I go for a walk and it exhausts me, but I still can't sleep. I am trying not to take a sleeping pill because I hate pills, but that might be my only other option unless someone out there has suggestions for getting me to go to sleep earlier.
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I killed the microwave. Again. There are few ways this day could get any worse.
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The ways this day sucks:

1. I got maybe five hours of sleep, all told. Maybe less. I'd have to ask Christina.
2. I woke up and another small piece of my tooth - which has been slowly falling apart and which I'm unable to fix due to lack of insurance - is gone. I don't want to know how much fixing it is going to cost.
3. I brought my lit book to school with me. And then promptly left it at the bus stop. Of course, when I realized this and went back to grab it, it was nowhere to be found.
4. I had a nagging feeling when I got to school. You know the above mentioned lit book? I have a paper due in class today. Which I completely forgot about.

And I haven't even been awake three hours, yet. Dear god, kill me.

ETA: I'm an idiot and I can't tell the dates. It wasn't due until Thursday. And today she knocked it back even further. I'm going to take the later bus back, get food, and buy the book. If I don't hear back in two days, then I'll have bought the book for real. Oh well. And I think I might have a lead on dental insurance until I go through the school.
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What in the hell is wrong with my ear? There are, like, occasional shooting pains and that side of my jaw is sore. Feels like I was punched in the face or something. It reminds me of the swimmers' ear I used to have when I was a kid. Only I don't remember swimming in any water. *Sigh*

And of course I don't have insurance.

This is one of the reasons why I'm really looking forward to the U of A.
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So. [ profile] hikaru and [ profile] pirate_duck, I swear to god you were just in my dream. That's not as fun as it sounds.

What most of you don't know is that the last time I was in school, I was getting A's and D's and F's. Nothing really in between. And much more of the latter than the former. So I decided to take a semester off. In the middle of the year. I moved off campus and apparently never checked out of the dorm. Of course, I ended up screwing that up again, but that's not the point.

The dream I just had was at a dorm (and I swear that the entrance to the dorm was a roller coaster). My roommate was [ profile] pirate_duck and my next door neighbor was [ profile] hikaru. Things were fine for a little while, but I ended up moving without notice or taking my things out of the dorm. Eventually I needed to come back to pick up a textbook (Physics, I think, or some science).

I met up with some evil person who had turned an entire floor into some kind of hell-ish place. I got her support and her henchman followed up upstairs. They took [ profile] pirate_duck to talk and I stuck my head in to [ profile] hikaru's room, but she shunned me. The door literally closed in my face even though she wasn't near it. Once [ profile] pirate_duck came back, she was mostly fine and reminded me that I had to remember to check out of the dorms first. That was the point where I sat down, head in hands, and started crying.

Fuck, I hate dreams like that.
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So, I think I may have tracked my multiple-day headache down to back pain. Which should have been my first clue, since the pinched nerve in my neck is back. I took heavy duty painkillers and muscle relaxants last night and will do so again. After a walk tonight. I'm also going to try sitting on the futon in the living room more. That seems to help a bit.

Otherwise, I feel better. My back still hurts, but not as much. My head still hurts, but I'm beginning to be able to deal with it. I think I'm getting a cold, but those seem to happen most often when I'm not doing anything.

In short, has school started, yet?
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I just have to say that I hate, hate, HATE oral reports. I get nervous, my tongue trips over itself, and I forget half of what I wanted to say, even if it's right in front of me. But it's done. Gone. I don't have to do it anymore today. *Whimper*
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I'm pretty aware that I'm one of the only people that hasn't commented on Natalie's death. There's a good reason for it, too. I tend to process death a lot longer than most people, since I've lost most of my family during the last ten years. It just doesn't hit me until days or even weeks later. Even now, it seems a little surreal.

But I will say this. She will be missed. I'll always have fond memories of playing with her and talking to her.

To those of you I talk to on a regular basis, I'm sure you know I adore you, but just let me reiterate it.

To those of you I don't, anymore, but did ([ profile] technosage and [ profile] just_katarin among others), know that I still think of you fondly.

And to all of you that I haven't talked to? Well, you still get hugs.


Nov. 5th, 2007 12:49 pm
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Okay. So. I'm here in the computer lab at school because I have a lab to finish for Physics. I've been playing my iPod all morning (not at all different from normal). I looked at it before Physics class and notice that the charge is down dramatically from what I'm used to. That's the first clue that something's wrong.

Then, I get to the computer lab and plug my headphones in and play for a little while. Everything's fine. For about ten minutes. Then the sound dies. I think great. The thing's dead and I bring it out to check the charge. It's all the way down. Except for one small problem. The light won't go off.

ETA: And now there's an error message whenever I try to play my iPod. And this little symbol.

I really hope that it's just a minor issue and not anything serious. Although I may be in luck, because the warranty lasts another two months. Unless they need proof of purchase, in which case I need to hunt around and figure out what I did with it.
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Why are there no computer labs on West campus? I mean, I suppose there are, but there are no notices as to where you'd find one. Unless it's on the third floor with the library. I suppose I should go up there and look some time. Except that I have maybe fifteen, thirty minutes between classes. I'd have to go up to the third floor, log in, fiddle around, then log back out and go downstairs again and run to catch the bus. None of the other campuses are quite so out of the way.

Just a warning to anyone that wants to talk to me tonight? I will be at my computer, but I will be very, very slow. I have a humanities test tomorrow that I really need to study for and math homework to turn in. Blah. Why can't my Humanities book be online like the Physics?

Anyway, bus is showing up in five minutes and I don't want to miss this one, so I'll talk to everyone later.

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