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Managed to see the speech about an hour later because of stupid class, but did see it. Now I struggle to stay awake for class because I only got about five hours of sleep. Wonderful. I don't think I'll ever get used to mornings.
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Rock Me Obama

November 3rd, 2008: Rock Me Obama (4.18MB)

Just...listen.  There are reasons I am occasionally amused by ex-Buffy actors.
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I haven't posted at all about politics. At all. But this...

I was just watching the feed on MSNBC. And right now...I'm almost ashamed to live in Arizona.


There may be disappointment, but there should be no booing. Especially when you take into account the ramifications of this event, whether he's your chosen president or not. Obama as president is an historic event and one that should be celebrated for what it says about us. How far we've come in the last hundred years.

Either way this went, we win. A female vice president, no matter what your opinion of her? We win. A black president, no matter what your opinion of him? We win.

Remember that there was a time that neither black people nor women could vote.

Remember that the next time you boo, Phoenix.

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