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Okay. For those of you who use multiple LJs (and there are few of you who'd be reading this who don't), take a gander at this little add-on.

CookiePie, which was recently updated to support the current version of Firefox, allows multiple cookie sessions within one browser. This means that it works so that you can have multiple gmail accounts open or multiple LJ logins open.

Yes, this works with LJLogin with one small bug: If you change usernames while in a tab with CookiePie turned on, it'll do funny things, but if you change usernames while in another tab, all of the active tabs will stay in their various usernames.

It also doesn't hold the sessions during a reboot with the Session Manager add-on, although it's possible other session managers might work.

Mainly, in TR, I can see this being useful during parties where there are handfuls of characters going to different people and dozens of threads in a short space of time.
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Rhis is for [ profile] scandalmonger and [ profile] frogmajick. One-person reenactment of a scene from Reservoir Dogs.

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Rock Me Obama

November 3rd, 2008: Rock Me Obama (4.18MB)

Just...listen.  There are reasons I am occasionally amused by ex-Buffy actors.
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Go there. Really. You want to. It's hilarious.
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This is for [ profile] hikaru and [ profile] unholynotions. words. Except it's better than the last time I heard him sing.

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