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Okay, Kon is in the mixer and I'll be top-leveling Freddie in the morning. Today was an unexpectedly full day. Good, but full. Tomorrow will be tagging like crazy.
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Managed to see the speech about an hour later because of stupid class, but did see it. Now I struggle to stay awake for class because I only got about five hours of sleep. Wonderful. I don't think I'll ever get used to mornings.
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So it's another semester. On the list?

ENGL322  001 0330PM-0445PM  TR  CHEM 209 (Structure & Meaning of Words)

ENGL373B 003 0900AM-0950AM  MW  EDUC 211 (Brit & Amer Lit before 19th Century)
             0900AM-0950AM  F   HARV 452

ENGL380  003 0930AM-1045AM  TR  ENGR 307 (Lit Analysis)

ENGL496A 006 0200PM-0315PM  TR  EDUC 502 (Honors Junior Seminar)

Why yes. You got that right. 9am (or close) classes every morning. To get there, I have to leave at 6:30 every morning. This is going to kill me. Add to that the fact that I have to ride by bike the entire way and I'm more than a dead woman. Tomorrow is just going to be a test of my stamina, since I have classes until almost 5pm. Luckily, I also have a three hour break in between my first and second class. Lunch and nap, here I come.
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How? How am I so tired? It's only 9pm. I have too much to do to be tired. But, apparently, I need the sleep more than I need the homework done. If anyone needs me, I shall be dozing to Smallville for the next hour or two and then I'll likely be sleeping.

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