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As of this moment, I have no plans on dropping any of my pups. That being said, a major canon rewatch is due for all of them. I just haven't had a chance to actually do it.

Daniel: Daniel is by far my loudest pup right now. He two big things right now are his relationship with Owen, which has finally startled to settle down, and his teammates. He's being majorly protective of Vala, which is adorable, and he's beating his head about what's going on with Mitchell and Morgan. He doesn't say anything because he knows that Mitchell either doesn't hear it or doesn't want to hear it, but he wants to say something anyway.

He's already in the Christmas frame of mind. He's come up with something for Vala which will require him talking to Jack, again. No idea how that will go, since every time I try to have him not start a fight, he does it anyway, but we'll see.

He probably needs to thread with all of his regulars, again, since he hasn't threaded with any of them, recently.

Daniel's due for an item, soon, but with all the stuff going on with Mitchell, I think I'm going to hold off. Besides, I don't really know what I'm going to give him.

Trance: Trance is really up in the air when it comes to all things medical until she finishes the thread with Beckett. She's going to be asking for medical proxy over Del and, since I'm in the middle of a conversation about it with Manda, if he says there can't be more than one, she may be talking to Abby about some kind of arrangement.

As soon as the thread with Beckett is done, I'm going to post her regarding the fact that the knowledge that Chase went to the Council is apparently public knowledge and has been for the last few weeks. She's not going to be happy about that, but, in true Trance style, she'll only be letting a select few know that. She's learned her lesson about trusting her opinions to other people.

I've decided on an item for her. Thanks to [ profile] nystana, I've decided to give her Rommie's non-working severed head. After all, Trance believes that Rommie and Dylan are supposed to stay together. This will definitely shake her up and wonder if maybe the future isn't what she expects it to be. Maybe she's not going home after all.

Tim: Oh, my quietest pup. I need to find out who his new IPD partner is and, this time, I want a thread between them. Scott and I never really threaded Keith and that was a shame. Also, as per always, he needs to get out more. He knows people. Some. More than I ever thread with him.

As for plot, there's not too much going on. Possibly making fireworks for the Weasley boys. And I have a feeling that his guilt because of Eostre is going to make him do something stupid. I just haven't figured out what that stupid thing is, yet. It'll come to me, I'm sure.

Tim's already gotten his most recent item and it'll be a while before he gets another.
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So, anyone on my flist familiar with Andromeda? I need some help. My original idea for her item was her reattached tail. That didn't fly with the mods, who offered to let her have the tail just lying around. Except that's not what I'm going for.

Right now, she believes that she's meant to go back home, eventually, as the gold Trance. This is clearly not going to happen, but I don't know how to change that. Watching the shows won't do it. She'll just see that she's meant to learn what's going to happen. The tail was supposed to be a permanent enough change to make her doubt and, eventually, make her realize that she's never going back. Someone from home coming to the island would do the same, because they are not supposed to be there. They're all supposed to be at home fulfilling their own roles.

She has her tree. That helped her feel a little more settled on the island, but not that she belonged there.

So...I need ideas. Anyone? Please?
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So. This is ridiculous. Our internet died last night around 8:30. Came back around 1:30 or so in the morning. I remember this because I ended up screaming at [ profile] frogmajick. It was fine after that. Or so I thought. It died again at 10am. It's now 5:30pm and it still isn't up. I'm at the local used bookstore. This is silly. I want internet

I owe tags.

I actually want to do those tags.

I want to download CHUCK, god damn it.

Really, is it too much to ask that I have internet during a plot?
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So. Yes. I know I suck. I almost never update and it's just because I can't be assed to do it. However! I have news. Brilliant news.

According to DHL, my package is in Tucson with the delivery truck.

My package? For those of you that never talk to me or who have been hiding in some kind of hole? My laptop.

Which means it's arriving a day earlier than normal. This is a very GOOD thing, since it means that I can bring it to the very LONG three hour Anthropology session tomorrow evening.

To Suzi: Welcome back. I'll be on Gmail chat for the next hour if you're awake and/or around.

To Shan: Anything you need, pups, AU, random flailing at Torchwood, just let me know.

To Kat: I swear. I won't go another two days without tagging that thread.

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