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So, six years ago, I was an idiot. I wasn't serious about my telemarketing job and I didn't want to go back to school and suddenly I didn't have a job and I was overdrawn on both of my bank accounts, I had credit card debt, and was owing on all sorts of things. I moved back down to Tucson (thank you, [ profile] bugly42's parents) and found a job I hated, but I worked at it and got money back to pay off things.

Now, what I was told when I paid off one checking account was that because it took so long for me to pay, they had actually set the account to closed, but paid. This was in 2004.

Five years later, they're closing the branch in town and I haven't used the bank in years anyway, so I close the account.

They're not showing the checking account as being unpaid.

Cue rage. That and I must have paid by cash, because I'm not showing any checks and/or debit account charges for the amount of the charge. I'm sure I have records somewhere. Somewhere. Le sigh. Kill me now? I am NOT paying $140-odd a second time. Just not.

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