Nano Who?

Oct. 30th, 2006 05:21 am
zan: (Atlantis Manip -  Writing Fanfic)
All right. I'm following many good people like [ profile] just_katarin and [ profile] toxictattoo and joining the [ profile] mini_nanowrimo comm. I'm going to attempt to write the sequel to the sequel of "A Thousand Words". I'm just finishing the editing process of Puppy now, so the sequel should be ready to be started as soon as the new month is in.

In other news, I absolutely adore the Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood. Jack? Is so very awesome in this. It's like he was on DW, but darker. And in a good way. And it tickles me pink every time I see Gwen because all I can think of is those gas monsters and her telepathy. Okay, it was a different character, but still. Seriously, Torchwood is turning out to be like filming in Canada. They keep pulling in familiar faces.

I definitely need to find out whether the plan is only for one series and then he goes back to Who or whether he's going to be doing more than one series and guesting on Who. Because more Jack? Is a good thing.

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