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TR people: I need your help.

I was reading a thread with Cissie and Claire and there was mention of his old costume. For those who don't know what that looks like, see below.

Now, he can get the outfit and the jacket from the clothes box. What I'm looking for is for someone to make him an earring (unless he can get that from the clothes box, too).
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*Cling* We have been without internet for about the last 36 hours. I don't know how I went through an entire week without internet when I went to Disney. I suppose I just came home too exhausted.

I realize that I missed most of the planning for the truth or dare thread, but does anyone want Kon to ask them? I...have absolutely no idea what to ask, but I'd be willing to give it a shot.
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Okay, Kon is in the mixer and I'll be top-leveling Freddie in the morning. Today was an unexpectedly full day. Good, but full. Tomorrow will be tagging like crazy.
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Looking at my 20 year old self? I was a whiny, insecure little brat.
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Once upon a time I had a comment meme on my journal. It showed that either I didn't post enough or no one comment much. Or both. Now, two years later, I do it again.

ETA: Clearly I just don't post enough. Sil, congratulations for making second place.

Who comments the most on this journal? )
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So, for those who don't know, Neil Patrick Harris is doing his own production of Rent. The following is his cast list:

Aaron Tveit ....... Roger
Skylar Astin....... Mark
Vanessa Hudgens.......Mimi
Wyan Brady....... Collins
Tracie Thoms.... Joanne
Collins Pennie....Benny
Telly Leung........ Angel
Gwen Stewart....Seasons of Love vocalist

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Borrowed from [ profile] andrealyn:

Unique/Lazy State of the Pups!

If you are interested in any of my pups or have a plot/person/relationship specific question for one of mine, ask away!

TR: Daniel Jackson, Kon-El

GYO: Cassie Fraiser, Kon-El, Tim McGee, Henry Fitzroy, Nathaniel Graison

KJ: Nathaniel Graison

Just an FYI, I have school for another week and a half. Finals. So I will be slow. And then I will be gone toward the end of May/early June. After that, I will be here!
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So, six years ago, I was an idiot. I wasn't serious about my telemarketing job and I didn't want to go back to school and suddenly I didn't have a job and I was overdrawn on both of my bank accounts, I had credit card debt, and was owing on all sorts of things. I moved back down to Tucson (thank you, [ profile] bugly42's parents) and found a job I hated, but I worked at it and got money back to pay off things.

Now, what I was told when I paid off one checking account was that because it took so long for me to pay, they had actually set the account to closed, but paid. This was in 2004.

Five years later, they're closing the branch in town and I haven't used the bank in years anyway, so I close the account.

They're not showing the checking account as being unpaid.

Cue rage. That and I must have paid by cash, because I'm not showing any checks and/or debit account charges for the amount of the charge. I'm sure I have records somewhere. Somewhere. Le sigh. Kill me now? I am NOT paying $140-odd a second time. Just not.
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Are there any English majors who might understand what I mean by 'tracking tropes' in novels willing to look over a paper for me this Wednesday or Thursday? I apparently just don't get it and it's completely frustrating me. Mostly because I need an A on this final paper if I want to get a B for the class and I've been getting nothing but C's.
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There are days when school can stress you out. Oh, who am I kidding. There are entire semesters when school can stress you out. But today was one of the ones that had me neurotic for about two hours.

There are also days when the wrong person says the wrong thing and you snap. As someone has said tonight, I never snap. I did tonight.

Then there are people who just make the day better.

[ profile] dreamsofstars, [ profile] pureyaoi, [ profile] nystana, and [ profile] frogmajick, you have made my bad day into something bearable. I love you guys.

*Uses the icon just for [ profile] frogmajick*
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Okay. For those of you who use multiple LJs (and there are few of you who'd be reading this who don't), take a gander at this little add-on.

CookiePie, which was recently updated to support the current version of Firefox, allows multiple cookie sessions within one browser. This means that it works so that you can have multiple gmail accounts open or multiple LJ logins open.

Yes, this works with LJLogin with one small bug: If you change usernames while in a tab with CookiePie turned on, it'll do funny things, but if you change usernames while in another tab, all of the active tabs will stay in their various usernames.

It also doesn't hold the sessions during a reboot with the Session Manager add-on, although it's possible other session managers might work.

Mainly, in TR, I can see this being useful during parties where there are handfuls of characters going to different people and dozens of threads in a short space of time.
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Snaps Cup Meme!

There is nothing like an unexpected meme like this to cheer your day.
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If you'd asked me two and a half years ago, what I'd be doing right now, it wouldn't have come close to what I'm actually doing.

That's not quite true. I would have said one thing - what I'm actually doing - and meant something else completely. I would have meant that I would be likely still stuck in telemarketing positions. Crappy office jobs that always seem to screw me over in one way or another. Day after day of mindless repetition where all I want to do is go home and sleep and I have little motivation or interest in anything beyond the day-to-day.

Two years and four months ago, I found out I was losing my job. Not because of anything I did, but just because they were closing the center in Tucson. By a miracle I'm still in shock about, I had managed to clear off most of my debt and had just enough money to apply for the summer session. Not only that, I was able to get financial aid. Those were a long few months.

Honestly, I was scared out of my wits the first time I went to class and thereafter for a few weeks. I'd completely bombed on the last college experience. Was I going to do it again? To some degree, I can answer that with a yes. I'm a slacker. I get the assignments done at the last possible moment and sometimes that leads to a slightly lower grade than I might otherwise get. I can, however, compare that with my previous experience, where I would skip classes for half the semester and then go in once or twice just because I felt like I should. I always started with the best of intentions until a lack of motivation caused me to miss a class. And then two. And then more. By that point, it was far too late to catch up.

Now? Sure I'm scared. I'm overwhelmed with the idea that I'm going to have to read upwards of twenty novels over the course of a semester and who knows how many handouts. With the fact that the damned Lit Theory book I so dreaded last semester is required in one class and recommended for another one. That I not only have to learn Spanish (I still haven't particularly studied or caught up this summer) but Old English as well.

But hey. I got a 3.5 GPA last semester. This time around, I can at least make that a 3.75, right?
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So, first of all, I wake up and it's REALLY hot in here. Apparently our AC isn't working properly. It should be 70-something and it's 80-something instead. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, but it's monsoon season, which means humid heat.

Second, and this is the doozy, I got my mail this morning and found that I had a notice from the fraud protection service I've been using. It came through my bank and I got it for the credit report and decided to keep it in case any old debts came back to haunt me. This actually ended up happening, which makes me glad I got it. What makes me doubly glad is that when I opened the letter today, it said I have a past due account from Citi Cards. I've only ever had four credit cards and none of them were Citi.

Trying to get through their phone system was annoying. First they needed an account number and wouldn't do a 'dial 0 and get the operator'. I kept trying to track down another number and got zip. The 800 number for the fraud protection service was down because of the holidays, which meant that I couldn't get an account number from them.

Finally, I tried a few other tricks that I learned from my telemarketing days. Double 0 or # usually work. A single # brought me to touch-only service and a second # brought me to a customer service rep. I go through the 'I don't have an account here' and she goes 'yes, you do' and I give her my SSN and sure enough, she brings up an account. Then she asks for confirmation with my mother's maiden name. And here we get to the snag: it wasn't my mom's name. V-something. They wouldn't give me the complete name.

So I get sent through to the fraud department, only the transfer gets screwed up and I get disconnected and have to call back. Another hassle. This time, they tell me that while there is an account, it's not under my name.

Cue HUGE sigh of relief.

It means that I can dispute with the credit agencies just fine and all it'll take is time.
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See my computer.

See me put my computer into hibernate on my desk for the night.

See me wake up to my computer OUT of hibernate.

See me check the time when AIM logged on and find it popped out of hibernate about an hour after I went to bed.


...see me kill my computer.
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Got an A in Linguistics by the skin of my teeth. Next up, food and home and studying for...something. <.
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Last night I had a dream. Yes, this is actually kind of surprising as I only tend to have dreams in clusters every few months. I actually dreamed that I was taking my Honors Seminar final and not only did I forget to bring the PDF's with me for everyone, I completely freaked out when it comes to timing when I'm going to change what I'm writing in order to do something else.

In short, I'm worried about the final and it's in a week and a day.

Also, I'm not sold on my glasses. I'm going to give myself an hour to try to get adjusted to them (as I just woke up), but if they're going to give me a headache and annoy me, I'm going to have to go back to my original glasses. Just for another week.

I know I've been a bit of a bitch the last few weeks and I apologize to pretty much everyone. All I can say is that it'll be over soon, for better or worse.

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